Imbue Partners


We Imbue People With Possibilities…

Our Unwavering Focus on Patients, Science, and Technology

We bring decades of thought leadership, project management, and operational excellence to our work. We focus on improving the lives of patients and their caregivers through customer engagement design, market strategy, strategic planning, and stakeholder satisfaction across all stages of the product lifecycle (R&D through patent expiration).

We Practice Experiential Design

We practice the art and the science of shaping customer and employee experience through all phases of work. In gaining a visceral understanding of need, we carefully craft all customer/employee participation and choreograph compelling ways to create clarity, excitement, and lasting change.

We Align the Head and the Heart

We recognize the power of emotions and their role in enabling or hindering behavioral change within biopharmaceutical and medical technology organizations. We apply cognitive insights from behavioral psychology and economics to ensure alignment between the solutions we develop (what people do) and the innate motivators of those we seek to inspire (what people think and feel).

Our Depth of Talent

Our team is a deep and diverse set of experts: researchers, strategists, practitioners, facilitators, authors, and speakers from across the Life Sciences industry.

Our Ways of Working

Co-creation is a foundational principle of all our work. We believe that our clients, their customers, and the patient experience are central to the design process. Insights gathered from their participation are how we create differentiated value and develop better ways of working.

Our Mission

To deliver transformative results for our clients through unique and compelling experiences that create alignment and galvanize change.

Our Values


We believe it is more valuable to ask discerning questions than to assume answers. Inquisitiveness leads to better questions, a shared understanding, and collective empathy.


We hold ourselves accountable for maintaining the highest levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence in all that we do. Empathy enables trust—the cornerstone to productive and meaningful relationships among people, teams, and organizations.


We bring experiential design to life; careful curation of ways that cross-functional teams participate and work together leads to enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction. Stakeholders can thereby gain essential understandings of an organization’s brand.


We believe all stakeholder interactions should be inclusive and collaborative. Co-creating strategies and solutions ensures expertly customized outcomes that meet our clients’ needs.


We foster an environment that encourages curiosity, openness, and diversity. This creates psychological safety and allows our clients to feel ownership and accountability in all aspects of our collective work.