Imbue Partners


At Imbue Partners, we work with biopharmaceutical and medical technology clients as well as patient advocacy organizations to focus on:

Patient/Customer Centricity

  • Patient centricity is the art and the science of seeking to deeply understand. It focuses on transforming insights into opportunities and activating strategies that deliver more than just medicine to rare disease communities. Patient centricity means treating patients as partners.
  • We use a multi-layered inquiry approach allowing us to uncover insights and implications that create opportunities to redefine the client’s relationship with patients, caregivers, and communities.

“Imbue Partners has demonstrated again and again how to take abstract concepts and turn them into strategic imperatives that drive teams toward achieving business goals.”
—VP, Patient Experience and Advocacy, Biopharmaceutical

Growth Strategy

  • Growth is derived from making informed, strategic choices and committing to tradeoffs. A growth strategy is only as successful as it differentiates our client’s unique value relative to the competition and as it can be effectively executed in the market.
  • We apply proven methods for capturing rich marketing strategy insights, understanding the patient journey, mapping the buying and usage process, selecting target customer segments, and developing winning value propositions. Success at driving growth is predicated on market and customer understanding and empathy—then channeling that into product development or commercializing existing products.

“What impresses me most about Imbue is not just that they are product launch and growth experts, but they understand our products, our people and challenges as well as—or better than—we do.”
—Chief Marketing Officer, Medical Technology

Competitive Readiness & Response

  • Competitive readiness is an organizational capability built on listening, learning, and moving. When done well, it identifies opportunities—e.g., new partnerships and alliances—and improves both strategic decision-making and execution across all functions.
  • We work with our medical technology and biopharmaceutical clients to articulate what competitive readiness means to their business and then design competencies for collecting intelligence, reading market radar, planning strategies, and executing maneuvers. We help embed the mindset and skills through playbooks, training, scenario planning, and simulations.

“The competitive scenario workshop you ran for my leadership team highlighted areas of risk we hadn’t yet thought through. Without this exercise, our confidential market disruption plan and messaging might have ended very differently.”
—CEO, Digital Medical Technology

Training & Coaching

  • Effective adult learning allows for absorbing new skills and competencies, adopting new ways of working, and igniting a powerful network of colleagues. We design these interactions using: 1) what we know about how adults learn best, 2) the specific situations and experiences of participants, and 3) what the organization seeks to achieve.
  • For both coaching sessions and training programs, we support the client’s strategic goals – such as immediate needs vs. longer term impact, developing the person vs. developing the organization, etc. We use a range of learning methodologies including simulations, case studies, self-guided online instruction, expert panels, individual reflection, and more.

“Our marketing principles, activities, and metrics are more connected than they were a year ago, and the impact to the business will be increasingly tangible. It has been incredibly rewarding to be a part of Year 1 of this cross-functional, cross-regional transformation into a world class marketing organization.”
—Chief Marketing Officer, Medical Device Company

Organization Development & Change

  • Organization Development & Change is an executive-led, enterprise-wide, long-term strategy to enable an organization to get fit for the future. We focus on individuals, teams, groups and how they interact within and across the organization. Ultimately, OD&C is about people and their relationships, which either drive or hinder production and performance.
  • We use pragmatic and proven tools to help individuals recognize their range of emotions, demonstrate that change is not linear but multi-dimensional, and demystify the typical ambiguity and confusion caused by fear of change. Our approach to organizational change includes vision definition, stakeholder engagement, competency mapping, process & roles definition, communication planning, and expert facilitation. Ultimately, success is measured through improved organizational effectiveness.

“Imbue Partners has demonstrated again and again how to take abstract concepts and turn them into strategic imperatives that drive our team toward achieving business goals.”
—VP, Patient Experience and Advocacy, Biopharmaceutical

Strategic Planning

  • A 3-5 year strategic action plan is the blueprint that aligns leadership and management on how to respond to new opportunities or sudden unknowns. It becomes the fulcrum for making investment decisions and balancing organizational priorities. The key elements of a strategic planning process include measurable and strategic goals as well as cross-functional participation from all stakeholders.
  • We know there is no ceiling on what organizations can accomplish by maximizing their greatest strengths. Using expert facilitation, SOAR analysis, and a strengths-based design, our approach motivates and inspires stakeholders—executives, leaders, and Board Members—as they plan to transform their current strengths into tomorrow’s competitive differentiation.

“It couldn’t have gone better. You make me look smart.”
—CEO, Social and Human Healthcare Provider